Consumers Want More Healthy Meal Options

Oct 09, 2014 | Articles | Menu Boards | QSR

The health food trend is steadily on the rise; and with health being a top concern, consumers want the food service industry to reflect those concerns in their menu offerings.

According to* and data from Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics (CBM)**, “…a majority of consumers say it's important for restaurants—even quick-service concepts—to ensure that they [offer] healthy options.”

So regardless of whether consumers choose healthy options every time, it is crucial for restaurants to at least give them a choice.

Unfortunately, consumers are finding that restaurants are doing only an “okay” job of offering healthy options.

In the LSR (Limited-Service Restaurant) category, Jamba Juice was given a 68% rating in regards to its availability of healthy options, followed by Jason’s Deli with 66%, and McAlister’s Deli with 63%.**

In the FSR (Full- Service Restaurant) category, The Cheesecake Factory was rated at 54%, following Bonefish Grill which was also rated at 54%, and Bahama Breeze with 51%.**

Colleen Rothman, Consumer Research Manager at Technomic Inc. says, “On average, less than half of consumers rate restaurant chains as very good on the availability of healthy options on their most recent visit.”

Rothman goes on to say that, “These ratings reinforce that there’s no single approach to health that universally resonates with consumers, giving each operator the freedom to explore healthier menu choices in a way that makes sense for its brand.”

Only time will tell if restaurants will continue to step up to the growing health food demands of their consumers.



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