Visual Graphic Systems Introduces the Simplicity™ Digital Menu Board System

Jul 19, 2012

Simplicity™ is an easy-to-use tool designed specifically for food service Menu Board applications.

CARLSTADT, NJ – Because content creation, and its successful deployment, is the cornerstone of a rock solid Digital Menu Board installation, Visual Graphic Systems Inc (VGS) has created a first-of-its-kind solution designed specifically for food service Menu Board applications. This solution, Simplicity™, allows users to easily update and manage their product, price and promotional information within three mouse clicks. Simplicity™ is also an affordable, easy way for restaurant operators to update nutritional information in compliance with menu labeling laws.

Simplicity™ begins with a custom, professionally designed content portal, accessible online, with the same look and feel of the user’s brand. VGS’ in-house design agency, Studio D, then works with the client to develop specific menu board layouts, including placement and flow of information and editable fields. These templates also provide an initial content library for the brand, while encompassing brand image and assets.

Once the portal and templates are created, users can begin editing content quickly and easily using a three-step process. Included in this process are functions for day-parting or scheduling using an intuitive built-in calendar; data can also be integrated with an existing customer-supplied POS system. Updates do not require design or computer programming skills and can be made via the web, in real-time, using a desktop system or mobile device. The system is also hardware agnostic, so customers to supply their own HD LCD monitors.

“Cost competitive, simple to use and cloud-based, Simplicity™ is an affordable answer to the food service industry’s need for a Digital Menu Board application,” says Patrick Benasillo, vice president of VGS. “This solution focuses on the core function of a menu board – communicating product, price and promotion. Simplicity™ is a return to the basics of the three P’s; keeping true to that concept ultimately turns these new digital menu boards into highly-effective 21st Century chalkboards, allowing for immediate changes on the fly.”

In addition to the core functionality and tailored templates, one of the biggest key differentiators between Simplicity™ and other digital signage platforms is that it also offers a “print on demand” component for static menu board or promotional poster production. Combining static menu boards with digital screens, creating a “hybrid” system, allows users to make the most of their budget.

Hybrid Menu Board systems also allow users to be selective in their allocation of digital space. Benasillo explains, “This ‘hybrid’ menu board approach not only ensures the customers’ focus will be exactly where you want it to be, but it also allows for more overall branding. Because one of the core capabilities of VGS is to create menu boards that truly capture the look and feel of a brand, using them side-by-side with our digital platform is an unbeatable combination. Having a hybrid system is a more economical solution then going “all digital” and allows for our customers to offer a more focused digital messaging strategy.”

VGS, as a full service manufacturer of next generation signage, also supplies complementary products to support all-digital or hybrid menu board systems such as wall murals, freestanding displays, countertop displays and wall/ceiling displays.

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