Celebrating 25 years of the Bow, and a salute to the historical Cartier Tiara, GRID2 Design envisioned an illuminated bow and ribbon across the landmark building façade. Cartier also wanted to highlight their exhibit of centuries-old diamond tiaras. 

VGS brought the entire design to life with the construction of an elaborate translucent ribbon – with a wire net of high output red LED lights – and well as 10’ high bow populated with 7,500 white LED lights. VGS also created a pair of custom 12’ aluminum tiara replicas – each with 4,000 white LED's – capped by mirrored acrylic diamonds. Completing the exhibit were window treatments of lush red velvet, frosted glass etchings and fiber-optic twinkling lights. Cartier and GRID2 won a DDI Gold Award for their exhibit and design ingenuity, and VGS made this award-winning design a reality.

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