Live Nation | Jones Beach Theater

The Challenge

Various Live Nation sites were interested in testing the waters on new indoor and outdoor digital signage displays. VGS was brought in to advise and create unique, branded, vandal-resistant enclosures for different digital displays. Jones Beach needed elevated LED panels up-and-away from the crowds for greater visibility from a distance and to prevent damage. They also needed a uniquely branded pylon that was double - faced and durable with outdoor speakers. The pylon needed to be designed in such a way as to allow the removal of the LED tiles for safe keeping during the potentially damaging winter months.

The Customer Solution

In partnership with Cisco Systems (media players) and Diversified Media Group (LCD screens), VGS designed and created the header as a branded illuminated logo sign. The powder coated metallic base was designed to take 3M-branded vinyl graphics in the future, for promotional purposes and/or for naming sponsors. The exterior pylon was expertly designed to support high resolution LED digital tiles so they can be easily removed during the off-season. These super-durable pieces passed the test when they made it through the recent hurricane unscathed.


What We Did


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