U.S. Mint

VGS and Studio D were hired to create and execute a complete turnkey Facelift Makeover of the historic U.S Mint in Philadelphia, PA. The scope of work started with developing (designing and fabricating) a new interior tone and color and material palette as well as the creation of new flexible fixtures to create a more dynamic and engaging shopping experience for the serious coin collector well as the casual visitor souvenir shopping post tour. The original space hadn’t been touched for a while and was a bit dark and un-inviting. Our job was to brighten it up and develop a more intuitive visual merchandising strategy as well as educational and intuitive customer journey and path to purchase. In an effort to be mindful of the overall budget VGS/Studio D utilized a facelift strategy of new paint, wall and informational as well as departmental identification, lighter colored wood tones on the fixture overlams, re-use existing lighting placement to upgrade and better highlight the products and also developed and fabricated a fresh cash wrap, glass case displays and intriguing front of shop fixtures and pedestals to draw the consumer in.

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